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How Does it Help You?

In the book, Thomas focuses on telling his story of how he achieved his dreams. In the companion guide, it is all about helping the reader achieve theirs. He challenges them to write things down because one can’t change anything that isn’t first written down. He asks three things of them:

  • Give the process the time it deserves.
  • Commit to the brutal honesty that will lead to change.
  • Do the hard work that change requires.

Supporting your Journey

Each section of Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar: How to Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing comprises a personal recollection, frank and realistically drawn, followed by a “Reflection” to help the reader examine feelings and reactions related to their own, comparable experiences. This is followed by an “Application” showing what wisdom can be gleaned from these happenings, then by what Thomas has cleverly termed “Caviar Time,” in which readers talk to themselves in a mirror, giving creative, inspiring advice and encouragement based on the guidance contained in the segment. The Companion guide takes the application section to a whole new level. While the book was focused on describing my life, the companion guide is solely focused on helping the reader achieve their dreams.

Why is Journaling Important?

Journaling increases your emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive and manage your emotions. As you reflect on life events or record goals for the future, you program your mind to learn from past mistakes and to avoid making similar ones. Journaling sharpens your memory, boosts your mood, and reduces stress. For more on the benefits of journaling, check out Dee’s 18 Incredible Benefits of Journaling (And How to Start),

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