For my book to be on KU, it can not be sold on other platforms. That means that I can’t put my book in libraries, Walmart stores or other stores. You can request your local library purchase a copy for you to check out. 

The short answer is yes.  I have a title in mind.  However, I have a major project in downtown Atlanta that will last until 2023. Also,I plan to help my youngest son launch his cookie business and continue to support my wife’s dream.  But, who knows what the future brings? 

Besides the Holy Bible, I do not know of any book that has all the answers.   I have not found one and I own a lot of books.  Besides, life is very complicated and ever changing.  There are many paths to success.  It starts with you and your beliefs. Always focus on the positives, learn from your mistakes and expand your network.  For every author like me that took time to write their story, there are hundreds more that have even greater stories not written. Find and get to know them. Then take time to write your book after you have achieved your dreams. 

I do not know my father.  My last memory of him was when he took me fora ride on his motorcycle when I was three years old.  I discovered later that he killed his wife as she exited church.  I attended his funeral and met some of my half siblings. But I do not have any desire to learn more about him.   Instead, I focus my time on being the father that I never had.

You can email me at twideman35@gmail.com or contact me via my website, www.welfarecheesetofinecaviar.com/contact.  I would love to hear from you.   

Yes. Please contact my publisher or me.

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