Who Is That Strong Woman?

Dec, 13 , 21

My Grandma was the central figure of my childhood. She was my rock.

I moved in with her to look after her when I was fourteen and lived with her until I graduated from college. Living with Grandma and getting to observe her life every day was one of the greatest gifts God ever gave me.

Escaping the Welfare Cheese Mindset

Jun, 16 , 21

The First of My Professional Tidbits Series   During my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and work alongside many young professionals. (And of course, at the beginning...

First Change Your Mind, Then Change Your Life

Jun, 02 , 21

If our lives are to be different, we must be different.

If we are to be different, our feelings and behaviors must be different.

If our feelings and behaviors are to be different, our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves must be different.

The Power of a Story

May, 22 , 21

On an ordinary day in the month of June in the anything-but-ordinary year of 2020, I opened a box that I had secreted away and pulled out the manuscript that...

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